Always Bee On The Lookout For Busy Guests! Let PestX De-Bee You

Always Bee On The Lookout For Busy Guests! Let PestX De-Bee You


One of the common problems that our Bakersfield Pest Control team here at PestX are asked to deal with are the busiest bugs you’ll know of – Bees.


When the weather warms up, it’s not uncommon to see bees buzzing around outside – after all it isn’t only us humans that are allowed to inhabit this planet.  Most of the time this isn’t a problem – we’re all capable of cohabiting within reason, but where it gets a little more interesting is when the bees want to actually share your very own space.  We don’t mean snuggling up in bed watching movies all day of course – we mean actually thinking they live where you do.


It doesn’t take a genius to see that a family home, often with children in it, isn’t particularly compatible with flying darts with human-averse bugs attached to them.  Add the sugary sweets and snacks that children often have which are like magnets to bee’s and before you know it, you have a problem on your hands


Whilst bees don’t usually sting for no reason, they are naturally territorial bugs and will want to protect the new home they have decided upon for their queen – the home that they have now decided you are now inconveniently invading – how very rude of you!


As with any pest problem, early detection, or better still, prevention is always best.  If you already have an existing bee problem you will definitely know about it, so give PestX a call and we’ll come and expertly remove the nest with a minimum of disruption.  It’s what we do.


But if you’re starting to see more bees around than usual, there’s a chance you’re about to get a rather large volume of lodgers – and they don’t really like humans so they’re definitely not going to be paying you rent to keep you sweet either! (admittedly the honey could come in handy BUT it takes a brave person to extract that from the nest we’ll tell you!).

If you have noticed an increase in bee activity near you, it may well be that there is an active nest nearby and your home is simply located along the flight path of these bees. This is nothing to be concerned about but watching the bee activity closely for a day or two will help you to get an idea of what the bees are up to.

If there is a sudden spike (see what we did there?!) of activity there’s a chance that the bees you are seeing are in fact scout bees looking for a new nest for their tens of thousands of housemates.  If this is the case, they usually come and go for around three days before they set up home, so this is how long you have to decide if they are scouts or just ‘bizzy’ neighbours.

There are measures you can take to deter them but if you’d like an expert opinion, it’s best to act fast and call in the experts in the early stages.  A quick visit from PestX pest control will give you peace of mind that your home is going to stay pest free so give our team a buzz and we’ll be round in no time.

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