How To Make a DIY Smartphone Door Lock

By tumblers lock and key - February 8th, 2017 in DIY

DIY Smartphone Door Lock Showcase

Written by: Thorin Klosowski

You can purchase a smart lock that you control with your phone, but it’s much more fun to actually make a DIY Smartphone Door Lock yourself.

YouTuber’s Hacker House makes one with a Raspberry Pi.

The idea here is to power a simple lock mechanism with a Raspberry Pi, a high torque servo, and some 3D printed parts. The smartphone software is handled by Blynk. The end result isn’t pretty, but it certainly does the job and you can lock or unlock the door from your smartphone. Head over to the YouTube link below, for the full parts list and code.

How to Make a Smartphone Connected Door Lock | Hacker House

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